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Your safety is our top priority. We are taking extra precautions to keep our stores clean and offer no-contact rentals. Learn More


Most Common Questions

What size of storage unit do I need? For sizing, try estimating how many boxes and other items you have – including furniture and appliances – and then take a look at our size guide to size your unit appropriately! Check out our storage tips page for some good ideas to get you started.
What type of storage unit do I need? Unit needs are based on personal preference and your storage needs at that time. Do you want the convenience of a ground floor or a drive up unit? Do you or your belonging need climate control? Do you need to store a vehicle? Our staff is happy to help find the unit that is the best fit for you!
How long of a lease am I required to sign? All of our facilities are completely month-to-month and there is no long-term obligation. Just paying your bill on time each month will keep your account current and unit accessible.
Do I need to provide my own lock? For the safety of your possessions we only use cylinder locks; you can bring your own or you can purchase a lock at any of our storage offices!
How will you protect my stuff? We have over a dozen cameras at every location! We are committed to offering the highest level of security. We feature electronic access gates with coded access, fenced and well-lit facilities and personal locks available for purchase. As part of our commitment to security, our stores are monitored with digital security cameras in addition to offsite 24-hour security monitoring. We also have nightly security patrols to ensure the buildings are secure each and every night. These features vary by location so contact a store manager for details about your specific location.
What pest control and cleanliness measures do you take? Every building at Sherlock Self Storage is treated for pests and rodents each and every month.
Do you have any moving equipment or moving trucks available? Yes! We have a rental truck available for use. Dollies and blankets are also provided with the truck for your convenience. Customers moving into our facility are welcome to use the truck one time at no charge. Restrictions and time limitations apply on rental. A refundable $200 deposit is required on all truck rentals. We also offer complimentary push carts in every building to make your moving a breeze!
Am I required to purchase insurance for my storage unit? Insurance is required. If your homeowners or renters insurance doesn’t cover stored items we can help sign you up with Bader Insurance ( With plans as low as $9 a month, you can’t afford to be without it.
Are there any items that I am NOT able to store? Liquids, explosives, flammable liquids, toxic materials and perishables. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding a specific item.
Do you offer services for both residential and business customers? Sherlock Self Storage is proud to provide storage solutions to both our residential and business customers. Whether you are moving your entire house or needing additional space for records, we can assist you.
Do you have any discounts? We are pleased to offer customers several discounts. Incentives and discounts vary from time to time and depend on the location. Promotional rates can be seen on our units page and vary from unit to unit. Be sure to ask a storage manager which promotions may apply to you.
Do you have security cameras? We have over a dozen cameras at every location! We are committed to offering the highest level of security. As part of our commitment to security, our stores are monitored with digital security cameras in addition to offsite 24-hour security monitoring. We also have nightly security patrols to ensure the buildings are secure each and every night.
What is a heated unit? We offer both heated and non-heated units. We always suggest a heated unit, as these are more effective in protecting your more delicate items as we ensure that the units never reach freezing temperature. If you do choose a heated unit, remember to properly pack and stack your items so as to allow for proper air flow and ventilation.
Do you have electrical outlets in each unit? We do not provide electricity in any of our units.
If I need to upsize or downsize my unit, what is the easiest way to do so? Our staff is equipped to help with both the logistics of moving to a larger or smaller unit and also the pricing difference. Just stop by and they will be glad to help you with the transition. We offer free transfers between units for our customers as we understand that your storage needs change from time to time.
Do you offer RV, car & boat storage? We offer car and truck storage at our Bothell and Woodinville locations. We do not offer boat or RV storage at any of our locations at this time.
If I go to a location to see a space, am I obligated to rent it right then and there? Although our units are in high demand, we will gladly reserve a unit for you while you prepare your move. You can either reserve one yourself by going to our website and selecting a unit from the list or by coming into one of our offices. We know the unforeseen can often happen, so just give us a call to let us know you will no longer be needing the unit so we can make it available for other customers.
When is my bill due each month? Your monthly rent is due on the first of each month. You do have until the sixth day of each month to get your payment in before our computer locks you out at the gate and your unit, but you do not accrue a late fee until the tenth.
Do I need to provide my own lock at the time that I sign the lease? For your possession’s security our properties exclusively use cylinder locks. You can bring in your own lock or purchase one at any of our office locations! We will give you the only keys to the lock, so keep them in a safe place that you will remember. If you do lose your keys, our maintenance staff can be called out within a few days of notice to cut your lock for a fee of $50.
What is the process for moving out? We ask for thirty days’ notice and since we are unable to prorate out, we ask that you let us know by the 20th of the month. A few things will be needed at the time of move out. First, you will need to completely empty out your unit. Any remaining items may result in a disposal fee that will need to be paid immediately. Second, you will need to remove your lock. The lock is yours to keep on your unit and keeping the lock will lead to a phone call to see if you have indeed moved out and ask that you come back and remove it. If we are unable to reach you, we will have to continue billing you each month, because we have no way of knowing it has truly been emptied. Third, you will need to sign a move-out form stating that you are indeed moved out. As always, our leasing associates are available to help with any questions that come up.
Do you offer moving trucks? At most locations we offer a complimentary truck rental for moving in. Due to availability it is best to let us know at least a week in advance when you will be needing the truck. We require a $200 cash deposit, proof of insurance & a copy of a valid driver's license.
How do I know my belongings are safe? The security of your items is our top priority! All of our locations have a gate code or proximity fob that is unique to each customer and is logged on our computer. We also have security cameras that survey the properties 24 hours a day. Where possible we have these cameras monitored 24 hours a day by a security monitoring company. We also have nightly security patrols which ensure the buildings are secure each and every day. Additionally, we ask that you report any suspicious activity on the property and make sure to securely lock up your unit each time you leave.
Why is insurance required? We mandate insurance for our new customers because it protects you from events that are out of our control, like malfunctioning sprinklers or natural disasters. You are more than welcome to use your renters or homeowners insurance. However, we recommend using Bader insurance (, as this company has extensive experience in the storage field and we have every confidence in their ability to treat you and your belongings with care. With plans as low as $9 a month, you can’t afford to be without it.
If the office is closed, can I still access my unit? If your account is paid current, you will be able to access your unit between the hours of 6am - 10pm (Bothell location) and 5am - 10pm (Woodinville location) every day, even holidays.
If the office is closed, can I still pay my bill or get in contact with someone? You are always welcome to pay your bill online. Just navigate to the top of this page and go to "Pay Bill", select the location you store at, and set up your account. From there you can pay your bill, set up your account for auto payment, view your payment history and also email the storage manager.
Do you have any tips for moving into a storage unit? Yes, we do. Check out our storage tips page for some good ideas to get you started. Also check out the size guide to size your unit appropriately!
What if I’m late making a payment? Your rent is due on the first of each month. A late fee of $20 or 20% will be applied to your account after you’ve been late for ten days. After ten days you will be unable to access the property and your unit. We strongly encourage customers to sign up for the automatic payment option to avoid incurring late fees on their account. If you are in a time of financial distress, our managers are often able to help you with making arrangements. If arrangements are not kept, however, the unit is in danger of going to auction.
Do you offer any deals for current customers? Absolutely! Currently, if you refer our storage facility to a friend who then stores with us, we will give you $25 off your next month’s rent. Please see leasing office for additional restrictions. Remember, our deals change quickly, so check your letters and receipts for current offers.
Do you offer any deals for prospective customers? Yes, we do. Please visit the individual facility’s page for current pricing and deals. All pricing and promotions are subject to unit availability.
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