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Read our reviews showcasing our customer's experience with our company, outlining our commitment to service and a happy customer. We are dedicated to customer feedback and reviews to listen to our customers and provide the best service possible.

We appreciate our customers taking the time to share their experiences and look forward to working with you.

Candis Burroughs - May 12, 2024

Sherlock Storage was clean, safe & secure, easy to access, and well maintained. They were friendly, and responsive, and pro-rated our rent the last month.

Sherry Holcomb - May 9, 2024

I would recommend highly. They were friendly and professional.

Kyle Gregorich - April 30, 2024

Staff was extremely friendly and very helpful. My unit was clean upon move in. All gates, locking mechanism, doors, etc worked perfectly and always without issue. The free use of their box truck on move in was extremely appreciated and saved me the cost of renting one. Best experience I've ever had with a storage unit rental. Thanks!

Heidi Maki / R. Grossman - April 9, 2024

We used Sherlock for 6 months to store our belongings between the sale of our home and purchase of a new one. The staff was friendly, and the space was clean and easy to access. Signing up and giving notice to leave was painless. Use Sherlock!

Natasha Palatova - March 24, 2024

The entrance is on a bit of a hill which isn't the best if you have to walk there, but the storage itself is top notch. It doesn't have the most turn around room for your car but backing in and out is pretty simple with the way the road is laid out. Prices are moderate, more affordable tham most in the area for the amount of space you're getting

Emmy Cole - October 10, 2023

Great people helping you.

Sidney Strong - October 2, 2023

Quick courteous response to all of our questions. The space was provided as promised. We are pleased.

Jamie Karcz - September 27, 2023

I just can't believe how amazing Regina is. At every turn, she went above and beyond to help during our moving process. I didn't know this type of customer service existed.

Anthony Jeppesen - September 13, 2023

Regina Gallardo is the best manager in all of business. Place is clean and spacious with a very secure location to protect the valuables.

rivermark harper - August 28, 2023

Clean and secure with customer service that goes above and beyond!! Special thanks to Regina

Anthony Pugh - August 28, 2023

Best facility and superior service from the management, Regina.

Phil Schertz - August 25, 2023

Regina from the Bothell, WA facility is the best!

Stax Blackmoore - July 21, 2023

They've changed management from the first time i rented a unit feom them, but the service is still friendly and kind. If you need a unit, i highly recommend Sherlock.

Gayle Lange - June 3, 2023

Regina the property manager was very knowledgeable and helpful setting up my storage unit.

Michael Iott - May 13, 2023

Friendly and helpful front desk staff (Regina). Units, office and property are clean and secure. If you need storage, I highly recommend this facility!

Kathy rRietz - November 19, 2022

I had my belongings in storage for over four years. Everything was in perfect condition and it was as if my furniture had been in a house the whole time! Very pleased with the current manager at Bothell. Very nice and organized manager. Thank you so much!

surotyal - November 9, 2022

Needed a storage unit for business and this was one of the most pleasant transactions I could have had. Regina, the manager, is excellent. The units are secure and clean and reasonably priced.

jeff lindsley - November 1, 2022

Professional, courteous, helpful

Corey Little - October 22, 2022

Great management

Omri Alon - September 7, 2022

Excellent storage facility, clean and secure. Many thanks to the manager Regina for a quick and painless rental process. I’m also a fan of the music playing in the storage areas.

John Burns - August 26, 2022

Awesome clean storage units. The staff was very helpful and always nice! On multiple hot summer days, Regina would stop by and bring us cold waters. Overall, I highly recommend Sherlock Storage - Bothell.

Sarah Harris - July 28, 2022

I’ve used Sherlock Self Storage in Bothell for 9 months and had a really great experience with them. The staff is easy to work with and very helpful, the facilities are kept spotless and well secured. I would definitely use them again if I move back to WA.

Amanda Marks - April 17, 2022

I went here to help a friend move out. It's a secure gated facility and coded doors. No bells & whistles & they play music in the halls. I was hearing music & thought it was a toy in a unit & looked up & it was from speakers. Its kinda narrow in the halls & definitely an established building and business. The storage neighbors were all older folks I noticed and no one super sketchy hanging around. So thats a plus.

Bill Garza - March 8, 2022

Very clean place, great staff, secure and affordable!

Greg Knapp - February 7, 2022

Great customer service. Clean facility, easy check in and fast access.

World_of_Paul - February 5, 2022

Staff is very kind and helpful. Brannigan showed me around, answered all my questions, and helped make the rental process streamlined and efficient. Facility is very clean and well kept. Facility feels very safe and secure. Prices are very good in comparison to others in the area and they offer move in specials. Very pleased with my storage needs here.

Doru Pintilei - November 14, 2021

They are very nice, open and easy to work with.

Kristy Bradwin - October 26, 2021

We signed up online for a storage unit (inside 5x10) as there was a promo being offered.  We had to go into the office to complete the paperwork and showed up at 5:30 to find the office locked even though they closed at 6pm.  We were able to find an employee after 20 mins of waiting who told us we needed to show up 30 mins before closing to complete the paperwork.  Nowhere online did it say that. We had to redo all of our paperwork in the office and later found out we got signed up for a more expensive (heated) unit than we signed up for online.  There was also an admin fee charge that we were not aware of. The assistant manager was very nice though and helpful when explaining the bill and subsequent overcharge we had. The facility is nice and secure and I would store stuff there again if I needed it. I have just learned to look closer at the paperwork and ask more questions.

Paul Anderle - October 25, 2021

Friendly office personnel, I did however experience more than a few run ins with security patrol. Which was not a bad thing.

mike g - September 30, 2021

All of the people that work here are so friendly and I got to know them by name. I'm always able to find a cart nearby, easy inexpensive truck to use and haven't had to worry about any theft!

Gina Forell - September 13, 2021

The staff and management were amazing specifically Yesenia Wihoite. She was able to get us a storage unit (10x20) in a pinch and even provided a free box truck to make moving a lot less stressful! The overall experience was a positive one...Good value and clean/convenient location!! Highly recommended!

Eric Tofte - August 17, 2021

we went there it check things out and Brannigan was one of the nicest people we have been around in a long time. Answered all of our question and we did not feel rushed. If this place is half as good as Brannigan we will be happy. Also great communications.

Mark Schultehenrich - August 5, 2021

A great group of people to work with. They run a top notch organization. You get what they promise. They go out of their way to make you satisfied. They take security seriously many cameras and well maintained site. Friendly staff who are eager to find solutions.

David Hurley - June 24, 2021

Sherlock Self Storage is a great storage facility in Bothell. We have used this company a few different times for moves to temporarily store products and could not be more pleased. The employees (especially Yesenia the manager who is amazing) are all super friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They have a variety of storage units, all safe, secure and the facility is very clean. If you need to rent a storage unit don't always look to the big brands... this is a local company and they are awesome!

Richard Wayman - May 3, 2021

They were amazing to me. They accommodated some of the twists and turns with my moving. They were very friendly and helpful.

Erik Gillett - May 1, 2021

Went there to buy some boxes and they helped me out to my car! Great service!

Becci Tomasek - March 25, 2021

As a stager I need storage and I need it to be clean, easily accessible and efficient. Sherlock in Bothell is all of these and more. Yesenia Wilhoite is the proper manager and does an exceptional job! Always calling us by name, being helpful, professional and cheerful, we certainly are blessed to have her! Even during Covid, she took every measure to maintain business and protect her clientele. She has brought so much joy to this location, and always has it decorated for each holiday, runs it like clockwork and keeps it so tidy and nice for everyone. The units are easy to get in and out of, plus having the use of the truck is a bonus and very important to me as well. I feel as though my items are safe and having the additional cameras and security makes this my number one storage option!!

T Jax - March 8, 2021

I rented a unit for over 1 year at this location and I do not regret my decision! Staff members Yesenia and Brannigan operated on a level above excellent; great customer service. Relative to security, I was not worried at all; top notch security (cameras, security, and location). I would recommend this place to friends and family.

Ron H - January 17, 2021

Staff was friendly and amazing. Especially during Covid. Facilities were kept clean and the location felt safe. Thank you

Shelby Barnes - January 17, 2021

Thank you Bothell Sherlock for an easy rental experience! The staff was always kind, reliable, and efficient. Would rent again!

Kim Macdonald - October 24, 2020

Loved my experience with Sherlock Self Storage in Botjell. I got 1/2 off the first three months and the free use of their moving van to move in. It was awesome!

Sean Watson - October 5, 2020

Thank you to the INCREDIBLE staff at the Bothell location. Everyone one was truly a pleasure talking and working with. The unit interior hallways are clean and free of debris. With COVID-19, everyone always went above and beyond making sure the cleanness and safety of the area was a top priority! With gratitude, Sean Watson

J C - September 10, 2020

Incredible facility! Best prices in town!

Michelle Chapman - September 6, 2020

Friendly staff and clean unit. I have 2 units currently. I highly recommend them.

Martha Gruber - August 13, 2020

We have used this storage company twice and have always found them to be professional . The facility is clean and well managed. We highly recommend them.

Abby Stone - August 1, 2020

I lucked out finding this place, and I am so happy I chose Sherlock rather than one of the larger chains. I can’t highlight enough how clean this place is: the grounds, the roads, and the units themselves. And on top of that the office staff is organized and friendly. I changed unit sizes about partway through and they were very accommodating - anywhere else I would have been charged fees upon fees. Would definitely recommend.

Dawn Johnson - July 30, 2020

I love these people best storage ever

Samantha Grono - July 30, 2020

Sherlock self-storage was great! Yesenia was very helpful throughout the entire month I used the storage unit & made the process of both getting set up & leaving extremely easy. The rates were definitely reasonable & I would use them again if I needed storage in the future ☺️

Katie Lama - July 28, 2020

This is simply the best storage experience ever! The staff is very friendly and helpful, the units are very clean, more than my 6 pet household. The rental truck always is available, and safely maintained and 50% less expensive option than U Haul. The hours the office is open is expansive. The variety of size of unit will fit any need as you up or downsize your storage need. The price is really the lowest in the region for any size of unit. The staff is happy with the company too, and I can see why. If Sherlock self storage was a girl I had a crush on I would send her 3 dozen red roses

Tia Gaus - July 27, 2020

Came in to buy some boxes for storage. The staff was super nice and helped me find all the right sized boxes for all my many things. The store was exceptionally clean and the staff had great sanitation practices. Will definitely be back

Timothy James - July 22, 2020

Great facility with friendly staff and 24 hour security.

Jessica Ritchie - July 22, 2020

Friendly staff. Easy to work with. Quiet and secure location. Easily accessible. Really good experience overall!

W Lee Johnson - June 25, 2020

I would highly recommend. Excellent staff.

Megan Horner - June 25, 2020

Moving in is super easy and they provided friendly services. The facility is clean and secure! We moved into our storage unit during C-19 and every step had safe contact with masks, hand sanitizer and gloves available.

Tara Soule - June 12, 2020

Sherlock was a great place to store my extra stuff. Always clean and pleasant and loved the indoor units to stay out of the rain. I would rent with them again if I am ever in the area.

Tami Hylback - May 4, 2020

Sherlock offered a great move-in deal--allowing me to have a few months of free storage. That gave me the comfort of going thru my stuff at my pace---especially since the storage is indoor, behind a safe and secure locked door. Ultimately, when I moved out, I was treated as though my word meant something. I told them what day I was moving out--they charged me only up thru that day, not asking for a deposit, etc. Great experience--no complaints.

colleen zakar - April 13, 2020

Clean, safe storage, friendly staff.

Mike Moodi - March 13, 2020

I like the ability to reserve the moving truck at the Sherlock self storage facility.

Eric Hardisty - February 13, 2020

Very smooth process including both the online and in office experience. Helpful friendly staff.

Frank Price Sr - February 9, 2020

I thought it was the best storage experience i've ever had! The front office was very friendly and cheerful with us and that made us very welcome at this storage units. Thank you for such kindness!

Raven Mills - February 4, 2020

Awesome facility and staff. I like that the location is a bit tucked away from the main road- brings that much more security. Stored my truck there and had no issues getting it in or out of the unit. The team that works there is really friendly, easy to get along with. I'll definitely be a repeat customer!

Xarilla Haddow - January 18, 2020

The lady was very friendly and helpful she walked me through all the sizes and let me choose my perfect fit. Didn’t skip any steps and then went with me to show me how the keys work for the locks super clean and I cannot recomend them more this is a great place for storage at a very affordable price

thenbb - January 18, 2020

People at the front desk out very friendly and take care of their customers.

Liz Rich - December 30, 2019

SO happy I found Sherlock Self Storage! They made the process of moving in and out of a storage unit so seamless!! Their team answered all and any of my questions, were very throughout, showed me multiple units to make the best decision to fit all of my things, and had great hours of availability for the secured gate & had security after hours. The fact that they had a moving truck available with no additional cost within a certain mileage, was amazingly helpful! The majority of my interactions were with Bella, who was a huge help & had great customer service. Would definitely recommend using Sherlock Storage for any storage needs.

Dani Di Lucca - December 28, 2019

Over many years of storing at this place, I have to say that service has improved. Security was very lax and my unit was actually broken into but they just recently put up a camera system, although I'm not sure if it is inside as well. The best thing about this place, besides being on a hill which is always good, is the manager, Jim. He will work with you and is generally very amiable.

Lynne Petersen - December 20, 2019

A little spendy but a super nice facility and go for the deals! The manager is super nice and helpful!

Raymond Hagen - November 20, 2019

Very knowledgeable and friendly. Priced just right

Michael Anderson - November 14, 2019

Friendly staff. Great location. Clean and dry units.

Wendee Bell - November 11, 2019

Great place. Clean and dry storage units. Very secure. Good prices. Management is very nice and helpful. I highly recommend them.

Shannon Williamson - August 19, 2019

Super easy to work with!! Highly recommend!

Mark Gettleman - July 17, 2019

Nice, safe, clean

Jennifer Elise Poston - July 1, 2019

The manager, Jim, was warm, welcoming, informative, and went above and beyond during our move in. The space itself is clean, dry (not musty!), and easy to access. Other storage spaces have polite employees, but Sherlock Storage has downright friendly ones! I have enjoyed every interaction with Sherlock Storage.

Jerry Campbell - June 26, 2019

New edit: spoke with the CURRENT Manager of the facility, and it sounds like he's made several changes for the good, here. The jokers I dealt with a few years back (which prompted the negative review), are gone and the security has been overall upgraded. Maybe this place's okay after all. :) As long as you don't care about the stuff you leave.... Had to down-right bully the manager and the maintenance guy to fix the door to our unit, after I discovered it could EASILY be opened, with the lock in place and secured.

Nichole K - June 18, 2019

Amazing customer service, flexible staff, friendly, easy to use.

Leslie McFadden - June 11, 2019

Very well maintained and secure facility. The free moving truck was a huge help!

John Andrews - May 21, 2019

Great place, friendly staff and very safe storage.

Andrea Boury - May 9, 2019

Amazing customer service , great location and unit areas are kept clean. Jim was the one who I met and helped me set up my account, he was extremely nice and helpful. I would definitely recommend renting a storage unit from the Woodinville location.

Susan Arndt - February 20, 2019

Clean building. Easy access. Great people in the office and a truck to use for 4 hours for free! Was a great choice and great price.

Jeffrey Smith - February 19, 2019

I was always impressed with Sherlock Storage Bothell for the years I had a unit there. The staff was great and always helpful, the place was clean and kept up to date with security, and the lockers were easily accessible to stuff in and out. I will miss having my locker there.

Gretchen Nelson - January 30, 2019

Took advantage of one of the special deals on a 10x10 unit as we needed a place to temporarily store some kitchen cabinets and wanted something climate controlled. They were very prompt in answering any of my emails (initial inquiry and subsequent questions). The facility is very well maintained and I loved that they offered free use of their good sized box truck for moving. I was pleasantly surprised at how little gas it used (eco version) which was nice since I had to fill it back up before I returned it. Although we weren't storing anything extremely valuable, it was comforting to know that the electronic gate is accessed only through individually assigned gate codes so it felt like a safe secure place to store our goods. Slight miscommunication about terminating our rental agreement part way through a month and how the pro-rated rates would be handled....FYI ultimately you pay for the full month & get reimbursed for unused portion of the month upon vacating the space. But that was a small hiccup in an otherwise wonderful experience. We would definitely rent from Sherlock again.

Jessica Rae - January 29, 2019

The customer service was helpful and the staff was always very friendly. The property was always clean and very well kept. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking to rent a storage unit.

Amy Wales - January 21, 2019

Had a major condo fire and had to move the things that made it through. Jim at the Bothell leasing facility was super friendly and very helpful. The facility moving truck was super helpful as well! This was such a welcome experience after this tragedy. Thanks so much!

Bonnie Sakai - January 21, 2019

Jim and Ramona were great to work with- helpful and friendly. Facility is secure and safe. I would highly recommend this storage facility.

Becky Berg - January 15, 2019

The customer service here was top-notch. They were super friendly and helpful in every way. I felt confident that my belongings were safe, and I had easy access to my unit, the units are heated, and it was easy to get stuff in and out of my unit, even though I had to work my way down a couple hallways with some carts. Highly recommend. They also have a box truck on site that you can borrow if need be. Much cheaper than renting a U-Haul! And easy access to it, with makes it incredibly convenient!

Perfection Israel - December 13, 2018

Sherlock self storage in Bothell Was a wonderful place to store all my worldly possessions. I have used their facilities more than once, and referred my family and even ex husband to use them. This last year was a very difficult time for me. I lost my home very unexpectedly and had to move everything I owned into 2 units at Sherlock. They gave us use of the truck they have on site and a very reasonable move in rate. After this I spent the next several months couch surfing and basically homeless. My storage units were really the closest thing I had to my home, so I spent a lot of days there. The staff was always so kind and understanding. Sherlock storage and staff feel like family to me. Thank you Perfection Israel

Delaney Couvrette-Merrick - November 8, 2018

Super helpful and convenient!

Heather Miles - October 3, 2018

Friendly staff, GREAT customer service

Ben Griner - September 10, 2018

Have used their services twice now and have enjoyed the experience both times. Good customer service and clean facility. Access is easy. Prices are fair.

Sue Johnson - August 11, 2018

Great staff! Nice clean place to store your items. Highly recommend.

Eric C - August 6, 2018

Staff is very friendly, storage units are clean and the place feels safe and is easily accessible.

Asha Thomas - July 29, 2018

I stored at Sherlock for 8 years and never had a problem. Super friendly and accommodating staff, clean grounds, very tidy buildings and units. I was there very rarely, and for the past 5 years have been 3,000 miles away with no concern for the safety of my property. I highly recommend Sherlock! Thanks for a safe and secure 8 years!

DALE T - July 29, 2018

Friendly and helpful staff. Competitive pricing. Buildings, spaces and driveways are clean and well-maintained.

Rene' Jaeger - June 24, 2018

Climate controlled. Expensive.

Shannon Knauss - June 18, 2018

Very clean property and spacious units with views of more units. Hallways with metal roll down doors. Door to the outside, a gate to the highway. Office by the gate. Open and closed hours,, not open 24. Lighted when it's dark. Staff during the day. Security is as good as your lock. People coming and going .

Michele WoodHouse - June 14, 2018

I love renting space here. I have used other places but at Sherlock the staff is always friendly, the space is always clean, there are always carts available and music is piped in to keep you company. Highly recommended. My only regret is that they have raised prices twice in the two years I've been there. Yet I won't take my stuff anywhere else.

David Anthony - June 11, 2018

Decent facility. Good rates. Strap your stuff in tight if you have a box truck. The hill coming in or out is huge Very steep.

Bill Zettler - June 7, 2018

These folks rock! I kept a storage locker there for 6 years, until I got a house so I didn't need it any more. All my dealings with them were simple and straightforward, and I never had the slightest problem with them or with the service. If I needed another storage space, I'd look for these guys first.

margaret staeheli - June 6, 2018

clean, easy, terms clear

Danny Calhoon - June 1, 2018

Great staff and management, and a clean dry facility

Kelsey Stenvall - May 29, 2018

Love this place! Great management team and very friendly. The place is clean and secure and fit my needs well. Not to mention competitive pricing. Highly recommend to all!