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Storage Tips:
Packing for storage

- Label boxes on all sides for easy identification
- Pack books flat, not standing on end (which may cause damage to the spines).
- Books are extremely heavy, so don't pack too many in one box.
- Drain gasoline and oil from lawn mowers and other items with small engines.
- Don't overpack boxes. Overfilled boxes will rupture and topple when stacked.
- Clean and dry your appliances. Keep refrigerator doors slightly ajar and use the space inside for additional storage.
- Old photographs tend to curl over time. To keep them flat, place them between two pieces of cardboard and tape them together.

-When packing your storage room, create a center aisle for access to all items.
-If you're storing tables and other furniture, remove legs and disassemble to conserve storage space.
-Use shelving to take full advantage of the storage space.
-Store couches on end (except sofa beds).
-Store items you'll need most often at the front of the unit.
Filling your storage space

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